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Master the art of teaching

Our team has 100+ years of experience teaching the humanities, and we’re on a mission to share it all with you.


Exceptional resources for every teacher

Master your art with our guides on essential skills and essential works, online tutorials, in-person master classes, professional mentoring, and our monthly magazine with strategies and tips.


We serve our fellow teachers in all kinds of schools—public/charter, private, religious, classical, vocational, hybrid, and home. Our products and services are easily accessible, our membership program adaptive to any budget.

Cana Academy’s team provided expert guidance on teaching literature, history, and writing. Their experience no doubt saved us from costly mistakes.
— Julian Malcolm, Founder & Headmaster, The Summit Academy
The workshop on writing deepened the knowledge of even our most experienced teachers. We were invigorated—alive to new possibilities for our students.
— Kara Hrbacek, Dean of Faculty, Thomas MacLaren School
The Cana Academy Guide on Teaching Fiction from the Inside Out is a beautifully written statement on how to inspire students’ hearts and minds.
— Dr. Daniel Scoggin, co-founder, Great Hearts Academies
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Humanities for everyone

Why an education in the humanities? Literature and the arts broaden our understanding of who we are. In them we recognize what we hold in common—our nature, our past, and our purpose. They situate us in the world and deepen our sympathy for the life we share. Through the wisdom they cultivate, our intellectual, moral and spiritual freedom expands: To know what is true, to order our lives by what is best, to love our neighbors and serve the common good, to have confidence in our past, and hope for our future—all these are illuminated and strengthened by an exceptional education in the humanities.

We equip humanities teachers with everything they need to master the art of teaching

Our team of Master Teachers has 100+ years of collective experience teaching students and training teachers. We know the humanities, and we know teaching.  

Teach the essentials

The essential skills are close reading, intelligent discussion, and clear writing.

Essential works include classics and modern classics in literature and the arts.

We provide what you need to develop Socratic questions, lively discussions and seminars, instruction for clear, persuasive, sensitive and precise writing, and coaching that guides each student to greater proficiency.