Cana Launches Video Series

We are pleased to announce something new in our line of offerings: Sources, Cana Academy’s video series on classical education’s connection to history and culture. In each video, Cana Academy president Andrew Zwerneman will interview a leading scholar on our cultural heritage and how we can think about our own times more insightfully. In the inaugural video, Zwerneman interviews the distinguished classicist and historian, Victor Davis Hanson.  

Among the topics Hanson addresses:

  • Classical education as a preparation for engaging the world we live in
  • Bringing philosophy “down from the clouds”
  • How ancient writers anticipated figures in modern history like Churchill and Hitler
  • The need to balance academic studies, exercise and physical labor
  • Why America needs more men and women educated classically
  • The remarkable convergence of ancient Greek and Christian thinking

Sources, says Zwerneman, helps meet a real challenge faced by our society. “One of the biggest burdens of our time is the growing division people experience from each other and from their past. Sources, we believe, will help bridge the historical gulf. It will help people see where the best of our culture was born and how the wisdom of the past can help us understand our times.”

Zwerneman adds that “The first interview sets us on a great course. No one today has a better handle on history, the rich sources of our culture, and their significance for our future than does Victor Davis Hanson. I think this interview is the perfect way to inaugurate the series.”


Banner image by Mstyslav Chernov, edited by Helen DeCelles-Zwerneman, used under CC by SA-3.0.