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On History & Education: An Interview with Victor Davis Hanson, Part 3

I think it's really important that we have a generation that are starting to read. We look at the English language and it's really becoming something that's almost Neanderthal. It's just that we're training a young generation that has a vocabulary of about 800 words. Can't we expand that to 4,000? A thesaurus could expand that vocabulary, and it would help you enrich your argument. So I think that's very important. The other thing is that we're really starving for people that have reference. We suffer from the arrogance of the present.

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Great Hearts, Great Story: An Interview with Daniel Scoggin

Daniel Scoggin is a co-founder of Great Hearts Academies and has served initially as the organization’s CEO when it launched and grew in Arizona and now as its director of national growth as the mission expands to other states. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the Great Hearts network includes 28 schools in Arizona and Texas, serving over 15,000 students. It is without challenge the most successful organization of charter schools in the country. Quite remarkably, the Great Hearts mission is classical. Cana Academy’s president, Andrew Zwerneman, recently had the opportunity to engage Dan Scoggin in an interview for Open City.

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