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Classical Millennials?

Can a classical alternative to today’s typical educational options appeal to the very non-traditional, highly mobile, hyper-tech-savvy millennials? I think the answer is yes, but for those of us who provide opportunities for classical education, we need to think more like millennials. We need to get inside their box and offer an attractive option that makes sense to them.

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This Way Up

A few weeks ago, I attended “This way up: Economic mobility for poor and middle-class Americans,” a D.C. conference hosted by Opportunity America and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). It was evident by the close of the conference that the solution to reducing poverty and increasing opportunity in America must center on education reform and cultural renewal. After listening to numerous speakers and panels, I was convinced more than ever that Cana Academy holds a key part of the solution.

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Common Humanity or Common Core?

Here is a question for the classical education movement: Catholic schools, historically an important force in American education, are increasingly at risk of losing their distinctive mission.  In the hope of shoring up that mission, in the hope of a Catholic schools renaissance, what if they renewed their mission with a classical liberal arts vision?  

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