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Our Latest Initiative: July, 2017

In July, Cana Academy president Andrew Zwerneman participated in the Regional Conference for the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education. Cana Academy conducted our latest VISIONS seminar at Hubbard Hill Retirement Community and hosted clergy and staff from Saint Philip Catholic Church for our first Cana Table Seminar in our now fully furnished headquarters in Falls Church. 

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The Love of Poems in a Post-Poetry Age: Part II

These half dozen elements are helpful because they focus our minds on the specific details of the poem and allow us to savor the work as a whole. That, more than anything, is the key to reading a poem well: drinking in every detail packed into the poem from beginning to end and thoughtfully appreciating it as a whole. Knowing what questions to ask helps us appreciate a good poem just like knowing what to look for in a wine helps us taste it intelligently and appreciatively.

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Self-Inspection or Self-Promotion?: Two Self-Portraits

At first glance, the two portraits appear quite similar. However, a closer look at each self-portrait reveals crucial discrepancies that point to two dramatically different motivations: While it is clear that Leyster’s work falls into the self-promotion category, Rembrandt seems to be moved by a desire to understand himself both as a man and as a subject.

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