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From Greeks to Geeks: The Classical Liberal Arts as the Best Foundation for STEM

I am here to help dispel the rather insidious myth that in order to have a fulfilling career in business, or technology, or engineering, or become a tech entrepreneur, or even be a competent user of technology in whatever career you choose, that your K-12 education must include a heavy dose of computers; that every child must walk around with laptops or ipads and learn programs like PowerPoint and Google Docs before moving on to an intensive STEM curriculum in middle school and high school. While this all seems silly at face value to many of us in both the tech sector and the classical education world, it remains a trap for many schools and many parents.

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The Lost Purpose of Learning: An Interview with Joseph Clair

Dr. Joseph Clair serves as Director of the William Penn Honors Program and Associate Dean for the Liberal Arts at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. Kyler Schubkegel, a current student in the William Penn Honors Program, had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Clair about his recent book On Education, Formation, Citizenship and the Lost Purpose of Learning (Bloomsbury, 2018). That interview is excerpted below.

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