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The 2 Best Ways Teachers Can Establish Vision at the Beginning of the School Year

Schools across the country are opening, the academic year beginning. This is the most important time for teachers to establish a vision for our students. That means they need a plan in order to lay that all-important foundation. Here are two great ways to lead your students with vision:

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What Teachers Can Learn from the Greatest College Coach

Teaching has a lot in common with coaching. For one thing, teachers and coaches are leaders. They lead everyone in their charge to learn. In fact, etymologically, to educate means to lead out—that is, to lead out from ignorance and deficiency to knowledge and skill. All good teachers and coaches accomplish that with their students or players.

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Great Teachers Open Up the World

Great teachers open up the world for their students. They lovingly point the way to newfound horizons and give their students the intellectual equipment they need to go as far as they can go. As this is the start of a new school year, I want to honor three teachers in my life. Each of them was different in age, appearance, and personality, but all three were impressive human beings who extended great gifts to me.

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