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On History & Education: An Interview with Victor Davis Hanson, Part 3

I think it's really important that we have a generation that are starting to read. We look at the English language and it's really becoming something that's almost Neanderthal. It's just that we're training a young generation that has a vocabulary of about 800 words. Can't we expand that to 4,000? A thesaurus could expand that vocabulary, and it would help you enrich your argument. So I think that's very important. The other thing is that we're really starving for people that have reference. We suffer from the arrogance of the present.

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Ernest Gordon: Building Heaven in the Midst of POW Hell

In the almost indescribably horrific conditions of those camps, death was a daily reality for the prisoners. The cruelty of the guards, the wretched food, the dangerous and incessant labor, and disease left the prisoners in a state that would best be described as subhuman. At this nadir of the possibilities of the human condition, Gordon’s second, spiritual journey began.

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Lessons from Westminster

The juxtaposition of events—the visit to the war rooms and the subsequent terrorist attack at Westminster—made for a poignant history lesson. It was not lost on me that the terrorism we are experiencing today is rooted in something disturbingly similar to the movement that gave rise to the second World War: at the foundation of each are common core elements of ideology. It is worth taking a moment to examine the Nazi case for the contours of those elements and the kinds of events they fueled.

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