Cana Writing Guide: Writing Well, Thinking Clearly


Cana Writing Guide: Writing Well, Thinking Clearly


by Mary Frances Loughran & Jeannette DeCelles-Zwerneman

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The Cana Writing Guide: Writing Well, Thinking Clearly is an organized, graduated, accessible, and comprehensive course of study for teachers of writing. Everything you need to teach your students to become great writers is in this guide:

  • Writing good sentences, paragraphs & essays

  • Brainstorming, editing & revising

  • Creating & improving a thesis

  • Developing a paragraph—in 5 different ways

  • Developing an essay—in 9 different ways

  • Plenty of sample student paragraphs and essays

  • Workshops & exercises

  • Teaching spelling, word usage, punctuation & grammar

  • Coaching young writers through Socratic questioning

  • Training students to think & write independently

  • Crafting good writing assignments

  • Evaluating student work

Writing Well, Thinking Clearly serves students at three levels of writing proficiency and can be adapted to any grade level in middle or upper school. Every component of the guide is based on the study of classic works of imaginative and expository literature. The content reflects the wisdom of the Cana Academy team’s 100+ years of teaching writing in the classroom.

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