How to Teach Expository Literature

How to Teach Expository Literature


July 8-12, 2019

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What’s included?

  • Six seminars on Plato’s Apology, Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Locke’s Second Treatise of Civil Government, and The Federalist Papers

  • Two presentations on teaching philosophical works and history

  • One presentation and one workshop on how to teach writing on expository literature

General Information for Summer Courses


Cana Academy

6565 Arlington Blvd

Suite 520

Falls Church, Virginia


All seminars, workshops & presentations are led by our Master Teachers.


$2000 for each course.

Discounts at all three levels of membership.

Reading materials, travel and housing are not included in the cost of the courses.

Cana Academy Certification:

Automatic, upon completion of all four courses.